s always I decided on a surprise visit home, this time for my mother's birthday. But, 25th of August turned out to be a miserable day. A day which proved that being brain dead can also cost human lives. I personally don't judge those who find peace in a particular individual/group or a belief. But, when the man they worship is a rapist who is as obsessed with women and luxury as with wearing fishnet and multi-coloured sequins and frills, then their heads need extra spins in the washing machine. The beast of the talk - 'Baba' Gurmeet Ram Rahim. More like 'Bah-bah'. I wish people had the better head of knowing from before that this MSG (Messenger of God...self proclaimed obviously!!!) was nothing short of being a kin of the other deadly MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Both a slow &

Been gone too long right? I know. But, in my absence I had such unique responses on my 10 prior tales from December-January-February that with no care in the world.. dressed in my superman print night suit.. I'm peering over my laptop at 5am writing this.

Did I miss Bakk-town and its folks? Oh yeahhh!!! Am I happy to announce that I shall be regularly posting what I call dramatised snippets of my life? You bet! :D Do I want you guys to share stories from the real world - either yours or someone you know - but in a way that it sounds like you are sharing your world out of a story book that's full of colour? Answer is another high jumpyyy YES YES YESSSS!!! I think the only NOs go to questions like, "Did I achieve being Akshay Kumar level fit in the last 6 months?" *Major eye rolls*

I see myself surrounded by beautiful red roses, big heart shaped stuffed toys and exquisitely packed chocolates. There are tonnes of them! This scenario is not my dream nor my reality. I am simply stating the look of the local markets and the malls beginning kiss day or hug day or whichever day comes first in the ‘Love Chrononlogy’ starting February. Valentines day enthusiasts spend a minimum of two weeks extensively planning how to make their partner feel special and that too in the ‘Minimum budget possible’. Like...minimum to minimum! All under the added pressure of scoring higher than the previous year. Come 14th Feb, the results get declared. Do I sound like any other Valentine day skeptic to you? Believe me when I say I am not. 

Since, I was in seventh grade and was gifted

2017 is rolling by fast isn't it? I find it hard to believe a month has already flown by. Like any 'New-Year target list' making enthu-homo sapien, my first reaction to the calendar was just like that ghostly emoji on WhatsApp. How could it happen!? "Dear Earth & Sun, did you play games with the rotations this time?" It seemed as if the 744 hours of January got squeezed into 74! :( And why would I not feel disheartened? Haven't you folks made a New year resolution list where after one whole month you realise that you've done nothing about it except decorate it with stickers? Well, I made it too with utmost dedication and sincerity. Ofcourse, the colourful markers highlighting the written goals were a clear sign of that. I mean it. It's always my step one of doing anything at all.

The list of good things that happened to me in 2016 isn't very long. On the fourth number (which is pretty high as per me) is Netflix. Netflix came to Indiaaaaa!!!!!Seriously. It is a big deal! I feel so much more independent not having to strike conversations with a certain mister to get seasons off him of all the shows I like. Plus I had the amazing luck of the last two episodes (of the borrowed series) being corrupt almost everytime (such a horror!). And No folks, I ain't good at downloading from pirated websites. Yeah, this is how my cookie crumbles. This poor soul feels so much more updated during the latest TV series related animated discussions with the peeps now. How can I forget that time! Imagine this: Each time I would log onto Facebook, I'd read a new over-emotional post on some TV series 

When I was a teenager, it was Archies comics that gave me my first 'White Christmas' dream. The way the entire gang- Archie, Betty, Veronica, Moose, Jughead, Reggie played in the snow and built a snowman together; the way Betty and Veronica queued up for hours at 5am in a soldier mode for the unbelievable christmas discounts; the way everyone would wear Santa caps and sing carols in big groups out in the snow; the way Jughead swallowed not one but several christmas special coffees and meals at Pop Tate looking out at a pristine white view. Infact, the entire christmasy feel where 'Jingle bells' plays in the background and beautiful decorations are in sight no matter where you are or what you're doing the entire holiday season. I still haven't lived my childhood X-mas dream. But my heart tells me, the day I'll live it


he sunrays worked as a silent wake up alarm. "Oho, Why didn't I draw the curtains before sleeping!" I could hear some chirpy birds and humans outside engaged in loud morning twittering. I squinted at the bathroom door with romantic longing, wishing for my favourite morning space to walk up to me in my bed. But, with no chance for that to happen, I forced myself to sleep-crawl till there. Only to be shaken fully awake by unending loud choking noises from the adjacent window. A few seconds later it seemed the man was trying to vomit and was probably sick in the stomach. The next minute the noise changed to blowing cyclones through the nose. Any normal person would be in a state of horrifying shock. So was I, the first time it went through my ears. The next ten times you might just puke (No comments on what happened to me exactly). And then comes


eekday Goa scene versus Weekend Goa scene was as different an experience as an ATM queue on a Monday versus a Saturday (Our PM made the latter happen after de-monetization and the Goa over-hype resulted the former). Made me do the cruel math of how many years I've added since I last visited Goa. It just felt lacking in it's usual warmth to me. The trucks, the buses and the cars on the weekend seemed to be targeting me. As if they've ganged up and cloned my annoying siblings who would cough deliberately on my face. One of those tricks to disgust each other as kids...Yuck! And that too right into my lungs. But, my main reason to extend the trip for the weekend was the Saturday night market which I still have pictures of from my girls trip of four years ago;  

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