s always I decided on a surprise visit home, this time for my mother's birthday. But, 25th of August turned out to be a miserable day. A day which proved that being brain dead can also cost others' lives. I personally don't judge those who find peace in a particular individual/group or a belief. But, when the man they worship is a rapist who is as obsessed with women and luxury as with wearing fishnet and multi-coloured sequins and frills, then their heads need extra spins in the washing machine. The beast of the talk - 'Baba' Gurmeet Ram Rahim. More like 'Bah-bah'. I wish his followers had the better head of knowing from before that this MSG (Messenger of God...self proclaimed obviously!!!) was nothing short of being a kin of the other deadly MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). Both being a 'slow & silent' killer. Judge declared the hairy-beary godman a rapist on the 25th. And the next day, he was sentenced for 20years. Unfolding of the verdict drama and the violence thereafter, left each family whether out there on the streets or glued to the TV, a story of it's own.

Such was the timing of the verdict that the birthday twin sisters (Bakkmom and her sister) had to let go of their celebrations at a restaurant. The entire family had made a special trip to town for this. But section 144 was like the school principal my mom and her sister never bothered heeding to. Undeterred, the judwaa ladies vanished on us to go to the market to buy a few things. She later covered- "That man should face punishment...not us! My kids have gathered together after so many years, how can I not get samosa and jalebis at home??! *sob* ". Mothers I say. The time they were out for (after we found out of course), we had our heart in our mouth. Observation - Being 60yrs old doesn't mean you aren't good at sneaking *ufff oldies*. 

"Baba Black sheep have you any wool? Yes Honeypreet, yes Honeypreet three bags full. One from my shoulders, one from my chest, one from my cheap head that no longer rests."

While the 'rapist bah-bah' was shedding tears on being away from the lavish living inside the jail; Mumbai's lavish and the poor had come under the wrath of the nature. It was a coincidence that I was away from my Mumbai home, else I'd also be stuck inside the four walls, using up my stock of lavender and vanilla scented candles through the power cut night.

Bakkmom: I hope your house is not flooded

Me: Mother, I live on the fourth floor. How can my house drown?

BakkMom: I don't know. I am a mother. I have a right to voice all kind of concerns.

Me: *sighs* (In my head- I wish I could get this license too ...errr.. without delivering a human that is)

This time Delhi's trip completely shook my senses. How much can happen in a week? From the sweat reeking man next to me on the flight sending ripples into the innermost of my sinus cavities, to the visuals of violence by the followers of the rapist godman, to the Mumbai floods and the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Talking of which, the word Harvey for the last several months created only one visual in my head - A drop dead gorgeous slanted smile fighting and winning unwinnable cases. He kept me company during my breakfast, lunch and dinner for several months. Six seasons of Suits clean bowled. But, that's no more. This picture all over the internet is stuck in my head now. If it wasn't for the rescue helicopter and the submerged car in the background, I would mistake this lady to be vacationing with her's that expression of calm and patience on her face. Maybe that's what they call ageing and decades of standing witness to nature's outburst. 

Talking of age and all, I recently called a bank official I wanted some assistance from - 'Uncle', assuming he would be of my dad's age (considering he came from his work circle). No wonder he put up a WhatsApp DP after the third time I called him by the supposed offensive word. Obviously, I saw the picture and decided he is a few decades away from being my Uncle. So changed the next line from 'Uncle can you tell me' to 'Ji, can you tell me'. 

Well, if people take no injustice of any kind these days, then we should definitely wave the red flag against bigger injustices meted to us. Hmmmm. Like when you are dragged to watch Baba Black Sheep's torturous movie MSG in the theatre!! S**T Did I just spill that?? I really don't remember how I got convinced!!!But, the trauma still goes deep. *numb* I think I need to recover from the memory. Au-revoir.






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