Been gone too long right? I know. But, in my absence I had such unique responses on my 10 prior tales from December-January-February that with no care in the world.. dressed in my superman print night suit.. I'm peering over my laptop at 5am writing this.

Did I miss Bakk-town and its folks? Oh yeahhh!!! Am I happy to announce that I shall be regularly posting what I call dramatised snippets of my life? You bet! :D Do I want you guys to share stories from the real world - either yours or someone you know - but in a way that it sounds like you are sharing your world out of a story book that's full of colour? Answer is another high jumpyyy YES YES YESSSS!!! I think the only NOs go to questions like, "Did I achieve being Akshay Kumar level fit in the last 6 months?" *Major eye rolls* 

So much has happened the last six months! And I don't mean just politically and all, I mean at a personal level all the things I felt and saw and what I thought vis-a-vis the social level.

Let's take this month by month:


After the Valentines blah blah *yawn* I hopped onto a bus which took me to a different world. A workshop - conducted by a very learned man. No no, Guru Vishwamitra of the Malayaputras isn't taking any workshops these days (Clearly.. After-effects of reading the Ram Chandra book series by Amish Tripathi these days). I got to learn and respect the uniqueness that each of us bring in a never before way. Apart from learning to hold up nature's call for a long time during the workshop (Not because we weren't allowed, but because I didn't want to miss out a minute of what was being taught), I watched people cry, laugh, share and emote the way I never thought was the accepted "normal" way. And that made us all the coolest non-judgmental 'human' bunch those days. At some level we are so judgemental in routine life..not proud. But at this workshop, we were our naked self (sick! Not literally) our ways, expression and the basic rhythm. UMMM ... Are you wondering what my typed-yap is about? I'm talking about an acting workshop :D Uh-Oh!! Did I forget to mention I am an actor aswell *eyelash flutter* ? Yes, amongst other things my soul carries this passion too :) Maybe one day I'll post my picture instead of Arnold (pst pst..Look left) or maybe not. What matters is creating a current of story-telling all around us and through Bakktales here. Woaa! Those are a lot of serious sentences together by my (ab)normal standards :p 


Holi haiiiii!!! Guess how the Bakk household celebrated??? Bhaang, colours, all white clothing, water buckets and pichkaaris everywhere...No this is how most of my friends celebrated. Our household snored into the afternoon only to be woken up by a yellow faced Bakk aka ME obviously. Nah I didn't trip myself on a mountain of dog shit on the road while escaping 'Holi spirited' goons. I decided to save myself a 3 hr post holi scrubbing session and prepared a yellow colour mix using turmeric (haldi) and chickpea flour (besan). Patting my back on having used Google's instructions so well I woke everyone up and painted them yellow. I know to most it sounds sad and not fun to not be playing with chemicals.. errr.. actual colours, but this year laziness striked hard. By the way, has your mother ever suggested you take a shower with Rin soap or Surf powder to take off the stubborn colours from the body? *Crazy family*


Mr. Bling wore the Birthday crown this month. If you've read my tale 1.1, you should be able to guess what might have happened planning his birthday. Plan 1) - Road trip mapping North India ; Plan 2) - Kashmir valley; Plan 3)- Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala. Ultimately.... Mr. Bling found road trip a tiring idea; Kashmir as being too honeymoony and Ayurvedic anything he is scared of after being stripped down completely during a massage this one time in the recent past. LOL. So Goa it was ..AGAIN! I agreed since he was insistent, but in April? "He has no clue his birthday pictures will have him merge in the night background after all the tanning", I thought. But what a flip it was! A cute-sy property named Aria at Vagator and blessings from the Wind god turned it into one hell of a trip! Check out the room view and you'll know :D


Hibernated from the heat.


Hibernated from the rain.


Finally accepted that it won't stop raining for another three months hence, I resurfaced. Infact, it's raining cats and dogs even now as I type.

and abjksdofksd..aushkhdifjrituu *yawn* I'm dozing off on the keyboard peeps. Zzzzzz time to you all! See you in the next one *kisses*


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