I see myself surrounded by beautiful red roses, big heart shaped stuffed toys and exquisitely packed chocolates. There are tonnes of them! This scenario is not my dream nor my reality. I am simply stating the look of the local markets and the malls beginning kiss day or hug day or whichever day comes first in the ‘Love Chrononlogy’ starting February. Valentines day enthusiasts spend a minimum of two weeks extensively planning how to make their partner feel special and that too in the ‘Minimum budget possible’. Like...minimum to minimum! All under the added pressure of scoring higher than the previous year. Come 14th Feb, the results get declared. Do I sound like any other Valentine day skeptic to you? Believe me when I say I am not. 

Since, I was in seventh grade and was gifted an expensive Parker pen on Valentines by a newly puberty hit boy, my heart told me ‘Bakk this day is going to be heavy for you for a lifetime (Indicating gift ideas, their prices and expectations). Ofcourse, my heart also told me that the boy who gifted me the black and gold pen, standing behind the school bus in a proper show with an audience, was more of a stalker than a lover boy (it’s another episode all together, though true). That was years ago.

I have had very sweet gestures from my female friends (FYI: who are straight) all my life on Valentines. I have been presented with heart shaped cards made using recycled paper and outlined with different gluey sparkles. The best part about it: I was never expected to do it in return as a V-day norm. Infact, I had never been with a guy who viewed 14th feb with much importance. But, this time was different. Mr. Bling is a Valentine romantic. All my female friends were ‘awww’ing about that. The only catch being, I have never officially celebrated V-Day. But, I knew better and decided to surprise him. 

It’s me we are talking about here. So there had to be a surprise within the surprise. I was a V-day first timer after all. Mr Bling and I were going on a two day jaunt to Malshej Ghat, a quiet mountain pass in the Western Ghats. Bling was super ecstatic about it! But that soon changed to bewilderment as I asked him to pack his bags immediately. I don’t blame him. I was taking him to a Valentine special trip a week before 14th Feb. And this time he knew better not to miss out on the gift even if it arrived early :) (14th feb is too over-crowded everywhere).

At the boutique hotel named Saj on the lake, our room overlooked a farm inhabited by hard working cows, chickens and humans. Beyond that was a lake and the mountains. The bathroom that you see in the picture was open from one end. The high open wall and the plants looked pretty amazing to stare at, but so much is the fear of technology that I was hallucinating drones capturing me doing my pot business. Thank goodness, tech invasion hadn’t occured here. Infact, nothing had adulterated the beauty of the nature here. During those two days, I had a family of sparrows trying to strike a conversation with me. Even to their pick up lines I’d respond :) The only adulteration I suspected in the nature was the all day long cuckooing of the rooster as if it’s been fed Red bull instead of worms. Fresh food, fresh milk, fresh air and a fresh start to me being a Valentines day bae !

I told Mr. Bling, “I am so not succumbing to the load of outperforming my Valentines day surprise next year”. “Yeah, no pressure, but how about a more timely gift to begin with the next Valentines“, replied the post vacation glowing smarty pants.

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