2017 is rolling by fast isn't it?

I find it hard to believe a month has already flown by. Like any 'New-Year target list' making enthu-homo sapien, my first reaction to the calendar was just like that ghostly emoji on WhatsApp. How could it happen!? "Dear Earth & Sun, did you play games with the rotations this time?" It seemed as if the 744 hours of January got squeezed into 74! :( And why would I not feel disheartened? Haven't you folks made a New year resolution list where after one whole month you realise that you've done nothing about it except decorate it with stickers? Well, I made it too with utmost dedication and sincerity. Ofcourse, the colourful markers highlighting the written goals were a clear sign of that. I mean it. It's always my step one of doing anything at all. Since my school days my mom knew I was sitting down to study on the very day she saw my target lists underlined/starred and written in colourful ink. For those who have never done it will probably not understand the psychological motivational force of it. 

But can anything happen before time? It's the timing which we can't control. Our time we still can. So February onwards, I made sure of not having to accuse the planetary forces for making time fly. "Simply Work hard, work smart and if not immediately then at the right time the bell shall ring Bakk" 

Ting tong ting tong tinnnnngggg tonnnnnggg! The bell rang continuously, eventually waking me up from my sleep. I do want to say here- The worst part of growing up to be an independent adult is being the one with the responsibility of opening the house door to the parade of maid, cook, newspaper guy and even the over friendly garbage collector *eye roll*. Talking of Door bells -> What I'm sharing ahead will be your window into one of the most numbing 1990s trend I have seen: On one fine Sunday of our lives, My dad got a new door bell fixed in the house. I clearly remember, he looked quite excited telling us the shopkeeper sold him a very happening product and apparently this particular kind of musical door bell was becoming quite popular. Those words and the reality. For the next few months each time someone rang the bell, Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon danced on 'Tu cheez badi hai mast mast'. Though I love that song but as my door bell? Hah, try inviting your uptight boss or a judgmental friend over for dinner once ;)

We are all grown and now Akshay and Raveena Tandon have my left my family house for good :D

The first two months of the year bring a marathon of festivities. Remember I told you my aunt and cousin were over on the 31st Dec night (Read 3.2). When they left, it was Lohri to celebrate on 13th of January. Nothing compares to the satisfaction my soul gets binging on jaggery based sweets - my favourite- Rewari and Gachak - a must during Lohri celebration. But, living away from the elders in the family means the onus of arranging wood and other essentials falls on me and my brother Lil'B.  --> Check out the picture to know the success rate <--  *embarassing*

After being a social fly for most part of month, I flew to my hometown to enjoy a long weekend starting 26th Jan.

Isn't it amazing, no matter at what age we return to our parents home, things seem unchanged and untouched. It's amusing how consistent they are with their reactions ..especially badgering me on specific topics of food and the infamous settling down. Though in my brother's case it's his driving. LOL. Sample this:

BakkMom: Why are you driving so fast!!!?? You are rattling my bones!

Lil'B: Mom I am not driving fast. Just check the speedometer. I'm driving at 100km/h on the expressway!

BakkMom: No! I am not checking.. you stop! I can hear a siren like sound coming from the car...a very sharp sound! Something is happening to the car!

All this while I was sitting ahead and listening to music. Suddenly my ears stood up in alarm and I spun around wondering if the stories of cars heating up and bursting into flames is happening to us too!! What if? At that time, it was impossible to put two and two together. UNTIL. The mystery solved itself within 30 seconds. An ambulance crossed us and as it sped, the siren sound also faded with it.

*Crazy eye rolls*

What I suspect is Mom was upset with Lil'Bro over something else and this was the best excuse she could cook to vent at him. LOL. Parents are an enigma at times, but loveable at all times :) 

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