3.2# THE CLOCK TO 2017

The list of good things that happened to me in 2016 isn't very long. On the fourth number (which is pretty high as per me) is Netflix. Netflix came to Indiaaaaaa!!!!!Seriously. It is a big deal! I feel so much more independent not having to strike conversations with a certain mister to get seasons off him of all the shows I like. Plus I had the amazing luck of the last two episodes (of the borrowed series) being corrupt almost each time (such a horror!). And No folks, I ain't good at downloading from pirated websites. Yeah, this is how my cookie crumbles. This poor soul feels so much more updated during the latest TV series related animated discussions with the peeps now. How can I forget that time! Imagine this: Each time I would log onto Facebook, I'd read a new over-emotional post on some TV series- either Suits or Breaking Bad... and...the most infuriating of all being the 'Game of Thrones' related posts. Everyone's world was turning upside down on some Jon Snow dying. Why was the Facebook world mourning some mountain dog sounding named Man? That was the naive, foolish, absolutely ignorant and Game of Throne deprived me in 2015. 

Then came 2016. 

Though Netflix doesn't feature GoT, but with the other featured shows it made my life easier (and couch potato-er if that was to be a word). Do you know the best way to watch all these amazing TV series? Refuse to get up from your couch till you finish atleast one series in one go! You might end up looking like a Conjunctivitis patient but the thrill (and the lack of patience) makes it so worth it :D Andddd when it's a super gorgeous face with the most unreal level of cute curly mop on the head that you are looking at then why not? ;) Jon Snow really could make anyone drool...slurrrrrrrp :p Oh how can I not mention the other extremely gripping series that I obsessed about in 2016- Orange is the new black(OITNB)! Public confession --> At some point, I silently-smilingly dissed a lot of you lovelies over your Orange is the new black (OITNB) obsession. Well I'm on your side now and the one getting insane reactions from people around me for watching it. I have been at the receiving end of great suspicion by Mr. Bling, each time he would catch me watching the extremely explicit lesbian lovemaking scenes in that TV series (these scenes come every five minutes...I'm helpless you see). Nor can I get over how a friend's mother almost dropped tea on herself on witnessing the Kamasutra of the inmates at Litchfield. "Guilty of being oblivious to the appropriateness of the surrounding nothing more" . But, then this is what these shows do to me --> Virtual horse-eye blinkers appear from no where..and I am like a warrior on a horse with the only mission of conquering all the seasons in a single strike. *exhausting*

Lesson: As engaging the plot of Orange is the new black is, it might give the people around you, who don't watch it, a mini cardiac arrest (for being a tad too bold). 

Talking of TV series and movies, such easy access to a fast streaming video site ensured a christmas themed movie marathon which ran for ten days! I'm not saying all of them were good..some pretty random too, but I love to watch those typical 'Girl/boy realising what an empty life they've been leading till some christmas magic happens' or 'Girl/Boy not believing in love till Santa arrives in cupid's outfit, getting the perfect Christmas-licious Boy/Girl along' movies. I mean, most of these films have almost the same storyline, but to feed my festive romantic mood they're just about perfect. Sigh :D I believe in creating the right ambience during movie watching so I made myself a cup of Hot chocolate. Tasty tasty. But, an inch down in the hot chocolate level in the cup, I nearly stopped breathing! So heavyyyyy!! Ahem ahem...Water ain't too bad either to create a good movie watching atmosphere. *eyelash flutter*

On the 31st December night, there are a few categories of people amongst many, who amuse me:

#Ones who pay the price of a Louis Vuitton bag to get to a 'happening' party and get so sloshed that they don't even remember who they kissed at 12 midnight to give (slurrrppyy) Happy New Year greetings and then they pass out only to be carried home in their 10kg heavy shiny outfits.

#This other one is the house party category. I love house parties, but the comfort of the home usually means getting drunk and passing out..waking up..getting drunk again..and passing out again. Repeat till alcohol finishes and when it does so does 1st of January. So officially 2nd of Jan becomes the 1st day of the year.

#The third one is the turmeric milk variety. Creatures of this category are the ones who hold the reign to the TRP game on TV. Sipping on a glass of haldi milk, they don't miss out on even a single show that is aired on 31st night.

To be honest barring a few minor details, I have been a part of all the above three. And having reached this stage, I decided to make it a different New year eve celebration this time. A car full of family members and close friends roamed the roads to witness the craziest parties. All of them were on the streets of Bandra and kidding I saw no hooliganism, just everyone revelling in the night. It was soo soooo much fun. Initially, I couldn't believe the kind of cool street scenes that I saw as we drove around Bandra. First stop was the Mount Mary church. It was breathtakingly decorated. I come from a family of high entertainment genes and living that up my cousin made sure there was no candle or tree left there which was not in a picture with her. I wish, I could reveal more of the monkeying we did, but got to save some family face. Before anyone could send us to Madagascar Zoo, we deemed it wise to leave for a drive around Bandstand. On the way back home, we picked the perfect party tools. An hour later. There was a room full of wine bottles and us. Just not the same us. But a very 'retro' us. Glow in the dark glasses..the ones that make your eyeballs look blue, upped our cool quotient whereas the shimmery hats and the black & pink fur stoles, upped the glam quotient. It isn't ever day you see your aunt dancing away to Zeenat Aman songs with Helen like moves :) Wine. Dancing. Family. Good food and blessings made our grand entry to 2017. Simply perfect :)

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