I woke up with a mission, since it was the last full day of our vacation. My mind often becomes a House of parliament as holiday end approaches. Passing bills and debating on where to go before we return? which places should we eat at (even if it means eating 5 meals), when to chill, where to chill etc etc. I needed to stop and thankfully I did. Good! We started off on an easy pace as I washed down the paranoia with a pre-brekky green tea. Then we went to eat breakfast at Cafe Chocolatti (one of my favourite) in Calangute. The ambience of this place always makes me even more hungry (read: wolfish). We ordered for a carrot cake, a sandwich, a chocolate shake, an orange juice and another cheesy toasty sort of thing. Good food, though it was too heavy for an early day meal. Their desserts are always the biggest pull! Mr. Bling must be thanking his stars that only one cake slice found its way in my tummy. My influenced temporary courage aka the sugar rush left him with a face of a bird poop hit person. I snatched the scooter key, threw my bag at him and ran towards what would be my toy for the next one hour. He didn't look half bad carrying a brown tassle bag on his shoulder ;) Such a sport! Especially knowing I didn't have a driving license copy with me at that time and neither have I ridden a scooter more than twice in my life. Let's just say, the scooter and I wanted to know each other better. And Mr. Bling wanted to not know any traffic cop the next one hour of his life. 

I turned on the engine, accelerated and immediately searched for the brakes as it dawned upon me that I'm riding on an Indian road and lane driving is not a common sight. The most amusing for me was not the other racing enthusiasts riding parallel to me, but the super sonic beating heart which I could feel behind me. Mr Bling's hands clutched me with all his power for support. I'm sure he didn't think he was helping me balance the scooter! Poor thing, didn't even blink, but neither did I. "Just don't make me a murderer god". I prayed hard and it must've been heard, because except for a cut wound on the leg of the bag holder riding pillion with me, no one got hurt. Hey, I'm exaggerating a bit...I'm not a bad rider! I did a decent job of keeping all the humans on the road safe and alive. Just one got hurt, that too of my own gang and that too because, when I braked suddenly his legs were folded higher than normal (even today we are debating on the exact playout ). But seriously, what fun riding a scooter! Zip zapping on the road in a super good weather. It ended the moment we were a little away from Morjim beach. Must've been that "am caught" expression I started giving from afar, looking at the cops taking bribes with a good intentioned look from apparent defaulters. So, I stopped the scooter, but right then I saw an old colleague and in excitement left the running engine with Mr Bling & the cops to say my hellos somewhere else. Upon returning, I realized the last 500 rupee note we had, was sitting in a new family - The cop's bundle of notes. Meanwhile, I saw this foreigner couple next to us parting ways with notes many more than ours. My heart ached considering how precious currency has become now. We quickly moved away returning to our original seats. Advice: Always carry your driving license when riding/driving in Goa, if you love your green and now pink Gandhi crispies too much.

We reached Morjim beach after 20 mins. Now, this one is where the least number of hooligans and cows are to be seen. It wasn't very crowded,infact kind of dead. Not many shacks and this in the season upswing. I'm not complaining as such...just saying. We lounged on the deck chairs at the beach shack and ordered some Indian food, which we ate looking out to the setting sun. Orange sky and the pleasurable sound of the sea waves was a lovely setting indeed.

And it called for a Kings beer, to make it even more perfect. My favourite forever. Mr Bling who was visiting Goa for the first time hadn't heard of it, but seemed to be enjoying it nonetheless. We rode around the area, absorbed the flavour, hunted for an ATM and guess what? There was no queue at the ATM and it was cash loaded! In today's time definitely something to feel victorious about.

The next morning was our scheduled flight, but I had zero intentions of boarding it. After practicing my innocent pleading look, I stepped out of my room only to meet the same look on Mr Bling's face. No time wasted on convincing each other and the trip was extended till the weekend! Hurrrrayyy! But what about the room extension? I wanted to continue staying in these spacious cottages the next two days, so we sprinted to the reception and with the 'out of the way help' from the super sweet staff there our plan continued as it is:) On second thoughts, I remember the staff ladies being quite charmed by Mr. Bling. I also remember him being called 'sweeeeeeeeet' and 'niiiiceee' by them more than thrice. Ahem ahem. Says who, only girls work their charm at such times? ;)

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