You read my 'flowery' anecdotes on Bakktales and give me a lot love. And I want to give much more in return to you sexy folks! As I know, there are a lot of stories you have to share with me aswell *DRUM ROLL* Presenting BAKKWALL- A canvas for you to colour. Choose your shade, your mood, your story and have it published on the wall. You can share with us anything. Literally anything! From your travel experiences to your annoying neighbour's dog who poops at your doorstep to the teacher who sprays fountains from mouth while delivering lectures on hygiene. Just about anything, my lovelies! But, excluding nastiness and aggressiveness which some 'passionate' social media users resort to these days. Because, BakkRaani here likes no violence or aggression. She loves LOVE and JOY... and entertaining stories and views :* So submit your story in the form below:)

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