Decades later, I can imagine my househelp asking for a day off for her Botox session; What I can't is, my kids wanting to know the spicy slice of my past & all that my then wrinkly face (hopefully not) shows is a blank slate. Just because I had been too busy to store any in my head. That scene would be a self created anti-climax to my life. How can you allow yourself to be so dull to not have stories for tomorrow with the fresh paint of today!

Bakktales is an unending script of my life. The Scenes, the Characters all unique to my eyes. For later when the "infinitely cute, if quiet and infinitely annoying, if drum bursting shrieky" bunch of my blood suck too much energy, I'll direct them to read my lifetales here. It will open up to you my stories of travel, food, places, people, humor, emotional graph. Things I like, dislike and much more cinema worthy drama.

I make you a part of this, for I want you to spot the explosive tales which mask your supposed mundane life. Remember each experience belongs to you alone and that your tales are all that remain of you. Now why should you be reading this? Because along with me you will be re-living or pre-living a version of your own life. So here is a toast to Bakktales!!

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    I see myself surrounded by beautiful red roses, big heart shaped stuffed toys and exquisitely packed chocolates. There are tonnes of them! This scenario is not my dream nor my reality. I am simply stating the look of the local markets and the malls beginning kiss day or hug day or whichever day comes first in theĀ ā€˜Love Chrononlogyā€™Ā starting February. Valentines day enthusiasts spend a minimum of two weeks extensively planning how to make their partner feel special and that too in theĀ ā€˜Minimum budget possibleā€™.Ā Like...minimum to minimum! All under the added pressure of scoring higher than the…
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